July 9, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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You know how we have days when everything seems to go against our plans and we complain that everything went wrong.  This day started and ended kind of like that.
This morning I did my usual journal entry and got ready to go downtown to the writing groups.  After that was rehearsal for the talent show and then I was planning to go to the church where my new church was involved in a district counsel, which will go on through Saturday.  That was what I missed last night, forgetting about it, as I wrote in my blog.
I had gotten what I wanted to share in the two writing groups together last night before I went to bed, so I was set, I thought.  I walked a block to the bus stop and looked in my purse for my bus card.  I did not find it.  I thought I remembered taking it out of the purse at some time, so I went back to look for it. 
I did not find it where I expected to, so I began to hunt up all the change I could find to pay bus fare and could not find enough for two buses.  I would need to walk five blocks and take one bus, which would take longer to get me downtown than the two I was planning on taking.  I realized that I would have to miss the first writing group, but I would go to the poetry meeting.
Just before I left, I remembered one bus card, which I had in the bathroom,  I did not know if there was any money on it, but I thought it might have 50 cents left at least, so I took it.  At the doorway, on the floor amid my mess, I saw another bus card and I took it.  On the bus, I put in one card and had to add $1.50 which I did, using a $1.00 coin, I was saving.
When I got downtown, I went to my bank to withdraw some money.  I thought I would need to buy another bus card,, dinner at the counsel meeting and maybe some other expense, offering, etc.  Then I went to the subway to put my other bus card in the machine and check it’s value.  It had $13.00 left on it and I was relieved to know I had not lost that and would not need to buy another card.
I went to Dunkin Donuts to get a bagel with cream cheese and coffee and finished that before it was time for the poetry group to meet.  I  shared an acrostic poem I call TRIPLE ABC’s of MAN AND GOD, because I use words with the same letter three times in each line.  It needs a correction on one line.  I had missed one letter too, but I added it in this morning before I left.
After that group finished, we had our rehearsal for the talent show.  I had one lady take some notes about what movements I was doing in my dance because I told Carol it was hard for me to get it planned and I didn’t want to keep doing the same movements too many times.  That lady also gave me some advice.  I have been concentrating so hard on what movements I want to do that I have not been smiling.  By the time I get the routine down that will be rectified.
After the rehearsal, I went to the El to go to the church.  The instructions sounded very simple.  Take one El from downtown for four stops and walk to the address.  I came down the wrong side of the El platform and I was not sure where I needed to go so I asked a young man.  He pointed out the direction.  I walked to the next street as he said to do, but I must have turned the wrong way because after walking five blocks I had not found any church.  I decided that I had better give up and go home.  I can try again tomorrow after I  find a better set of instructions.

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