July 24, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I forgot to mention in my blog entry yesterday that I did get my article into the mail to The Raven Chronicles. This morning I went downtown for the movie at the Cultural Center.  They showed Alice in Wonderland, the new Tim Burton movie where a grown up Alice returns to Wonderland and Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter.  When I saw previews I was not sure I wanted to see it.  It looked too much like one of these films they make just to show off special effects and I thought the Mad Hatter would be too ridiculous.  I found myself liking the movie though.

After the film ended, I got a light lunch and went to the audition for the Primus Theater play.  This is the group directed by Win O’Reily, who last year had done the musical "70 Girls 70."  Several of us who were in that decided we liked it enough to want to try out for this play, which is a comedy, but not a musical, and only has a cast of 9 characters.  Besides those of us who got bit by the acting bug in "70 Girls 70,"  there were also people who have been in several of her plays already, so she is going to have tough decisions to make to narrow down about 20 of us to 9 cast members.  We all took turns reading a few lines from the main characters of the play and then someone suggested we read through the whole play so we got a feel for it and we took turns just reading the characters as they came up.  There were some people who had made arrangements with Win to come tomorrow to audition so she wants all of us to return so she can hear us again and see how we would match up with the ones who were not there today.  Win’s son, who teaches playwriting at the School of the Art Institute, wrote the play.
From there, I went to Hyde Park, got something to eat again and went to 57th Street Books for the SCBWI (Society of Children;s Book Writers and Illustrators) event.  Four local area authors were there as a panel to talk about their experiences getting their books published and publicized and what they do when things go wrong.  It was pretty interesting.  
This morning I had prayed for safety for the day and God even kept me out of the rain, (although I did have an umbrella).  It rained while I was in the book store and had stopped by the time I left.  Now, I am safely home and hear thunder, so it may rain again and if so, I will again not be in it.  There were no unpleasant incidents all day, so He did above what I asked and thought.  I did not ask to not get caught in the rain. 

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