July 11, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I woke up tired from a full day of activity yesterday.  I know my age is catching up to me when I need a day to rest and recuperate after a long busy day.  I really felt like staying home today.  I changed my mind though and went to the District Council again.  I did not get there early because it was for the men and I arrived at the church at about 11:30, and sat in on the end of the men’s business meeting.  Our church won an award for having the most men there, (counting boys).  Then there was a Sunday school business meeting.  I was getting bored though, and the church was not serving lunch today since they had the breakfast, so I left before the session ended to find something to eat.   I could not wait until 4:00 PM dinner, even though I had a bowl of cereal before I left my apartment.

I went across the street and got a bag of mixed popcorn and a smoothie.  I did not want to eat at McDonald’s or Subway which were close by, because I was not that hungry and wanted to have some appetite for the dinner.  I stayed out in the parking lot while I drank the smoothie and ate much of the popcorn.  When I came back in, the Sunday School Rally had already started.  The Sunday schools of the churches at the council were lining up outside the sanctuary and as their church was called they came in singing, dancing, shouting, waving flags and banners and showing off their Sunday school and why it was important for people to attend.  Awards were given to the church with the most people there, the largest percentage of their membership there and other categories.
Dinner followed and it was good, at least to me, I did hear a few complaints.  The meal was chicken wings, mashed potatoes with gravy, a small piece of corn on the cob, bread, nacho chips with meat and cheese, lettuce and tomato salad, potato, tuna and fruit salads and cole slaw.  There was cheese, sour cream and guacamole for the nachos too.  Then there were a variety of snack food desserts.  It was more than enough food for me after the snack I had earlier.
There was one final session after the dinner, and a speaker.  There were a couple of testimonies before the speaker.  One young woman shared how she was ready to quit her job because they were giving her a hard time but her pastor told her not too because God had a blessing for her.  She does business insurance, which as she said was primarily done by older adults with degrees and she just had a high school education, but she was promoted and got a salary increase and added benefits and is fourth in line now to be the CEO of the company.
The message of the evening was about having access to God’s authority, fellowship and excess.  As he said, if we accept God’s authority over our lives and develop a friendship with Him, we will have access to abundant blessings that, as scripture says, will be above what we ask or think.  He described these as being open doors.  God knocks at the door of our hearts and when we open the door, we allow Him to bring all of the good things He has into our lives.  It was similar to what Pastor Williams had preached about "ridiculous blessings."  

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