November 10, 2021

Another Rejection

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In the middle of August, I saw an ad on Facebook that Sylvia Magazine was looking for Christmas themed poems. I had two I wanted to get published, so I sent them. On November 5, I received an email from them apologizing for the delay and saying that my poems were not what they wanted. I think it is too late to send Christmas poems to another publication, or does anyone know of a magazine still accepting material for that season. I know they want submissions months ahead of the issue it is to be published in if it is accepted.

August 20, 2021

Not a Winner

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I did not win the Reedsy contest, but the story is there for people to read. I also recorded my GeNarrations story about supporting my neighborhoods on their You Tube channel, but I have not checked to see if the uploaded it yet. There has been no news on some of my other submissions yet and I hope it is true that no news is good news.

August 6, 2021

Contest Entry

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Best Friends – A Middle School Short Story by Christine Cassello – Reedsy Prompts

July 25, 2021

Hope in Spite of Rejection

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I had another rejection of a poem I wrote and sent to Cricket Magazine. On July 20, I got the standard rejection saying their editorial staff reviewed it but decided it was not quite right for their magazines and wishing me luck in getting it published somewhere else. I am kind of proud of myself though for taking the risk (and expense) of submitting my two Ebooks, THE HUNTER AND THE DEER and THE SALTY PRINCE to Writer’s Digest’s contest for Ebooks. I am trying to keep a positive attitude because I know God can work that in my favor.

It was a real leap of faith for me to enter that contest, and spend the amount of money they charged as an entrance fee because my first reaction is to not want to “waste” the money when I am not going to win. I don’t feel that my writing is good enough to beat stiff competition, but I know it is good enough for God to use because He gave me the talent. If it is in His plan for me to win at any level, I know I will.

June 28, 2021

Reminder of My E-books for Sale

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Size: 500px × 500pxImage URL: of rhyming poem storiesPrice$1.49Product Type-Website Link book will appeal to anyone who likes rhyming poems, fairy tales and folklore.

Size: 500px × 500pxImage URL: of more rhyming poem storiesPrice$1.49Product Type-Website Link book of additional will appeal to anyone who loved the first one or stand on its own.

Size: 1410px × 2250pxImage URL: picture bookPrice$1.00Product Type-Website Link young boy has the ability to make things move when he sneezes.

June 20, 2021

Submitting Again

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I have submitted two works of mine to Ladybug/Cricket and two to Chicken Soup for the Soul. I will give updates when I hear back from them. I also sent in a piece to Razzle. These were done early this morning, or late last night, so It will be some time before I get a response but I did get emails that they were received and will be read.

February 24, 2021

Future Best-Seller

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GeNarrations Winter Session 2021


Striving for Greatness

“God isn’t looking for your perfection, He’s looking for your yes.” This was said by Matt Tommey in his 5 day Artist Rise Up! Challenge. I saw the ad for it on Facebook. God has told Matt to raise up an army of artists, (in the broadest use of the word, including writers). He’s encouraging us to remember that we were uniquely designed by God for a specific purpose. We are the only ones who can be us and do the assignment God created us for. Matt has a mentoring program designed to give us that mindset, show us what skills we need and how to get them, and how to make a living following God’s plan for our lives.

At the same time I was in Matt’s challenge I was part of the way through a 31 day Wisdom Challenge by Pedro Adeo. Beginning January 1, Pedro and his guests took a Proverb a day and discussed it. They shared their personal testimonies about how following the teachings of the Bible helped them start and grow their businesses. He also has a mentoring program and I was considering enrolling in it.

When I started listening to Matt, who was saying very much the same things Pedro and his guests were saying, I hesitated for awhile wondering which one I should get into. Pedro was gearing his teaching toward entrepreneurs, or those who want to become entrepreneurs and Matt was working with creatives. I decided that I fit better into that category and enrolled with Matt.

While I know my calling, or assignment from God is to write, I was not given clear details on who I am to write for or what I am to write and I have been seeking to find the answers. It is my hope that the mentoring program will help me to discover that.

I want to become excellent at what I write and be able to make a comfortable living from it. I used to be able to imagine a book I wrote becoming a best seller. I would travel the country doing book signings and speaking at conferences, schools, and other venues. I had stopped believing that was possible, but I want to get it back.

God delights in doing what we see as impossible to show off His power. He can keep me healthy and give me the energy to keep up such a pace well into my 90’s, if it takes that long.

I am looking for more chances to submit my writings and have made 5 submissions and queried an agent this month. Two were submissions were already rejected. Most of the markets I submitted to are non-paying and only give one, or sometimes a few more, copies of a printed publication. The majority are online only, not even in print. But an acceptance by one, or more of them, will give me name recognition .and another addition to my portfolio. And there is a sense of achievement and pride from being published.

I have lived most of my life already and feel like I wasted much of it. I have to keep striving with the time I have left and not give up. That’s why I titled my personal blog something I want to keep reminding myself “It’s Never Too Late!”

February 7, 2021

Rewrite of God’s Armor

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Put on the whole armor God.
Don't rely on self-defense.
You can't see what you're up against.

Verse 1:

The helmet of salvation will guard your thoughts.
When you are saved, they can't be bought.
Knowledge needs to be protected and your motives be inspected.
In a world teaching self-serve, will you obey God without reserve?

Verse 2:

The heart is covered by the breastplate.
Righteousness eliminates all hate.
Show love to your enemy as you're told. Do not let your heart grow cold.
You can't win conflicts by being mean. Your real opponent can't be seen.

Verse 3:

Girt your loins about with truth.
Telling lies is quite uncouth.
Deceit and cunning are demonic snares, of which you need to be aware.
Say what you mean, mean what you say. You'll keep the enemy at bay.

Verse 4:

The shield of faith will quench all doubt.
Those Firey darts will soon burn out.
Hold it up, don't let it drop. If you do, you will not stop.
You will re-power, gaining strength with every hour.

Verse 5:

The feet wear peace, for they must travel,
Over smooth roads and rocky gravel.
Peace will be going wherever you are, whether near, or whether far.
People you meet along the way will want to join with you one day.

Verse 6:

Last, the two-edged sword, God's Word.
It is how God's voice is heard.
The Bible is a searchlight, exposing all that isn't right.
Its blade is sharp and will sever all ungodly endeavour.






More Submissions

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I submitted a poem to Chicken Soup for the Soul for consideration in their upcoming cat book yesterday, or did I already post about that? Today, I sent one to Agorist Writers. There is no payment on the latter if they do accept but I was published by them before so I decided to try again.

October 17, 2020

Reedsy Contest

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My story Smidgen Pigeon: The Great Migration was accepted into the Reedsy contest.

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