July 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did not take time to write, because I wanted to go downtown to see the documentary that was done about the last tour Michael Jackson was preparing to make.  I had not been a fan of his solo career, but watching the rehearsals and seeing him interact with the musicians and dancers he was working with, I can see why he was so well liked by them all.  I did have trouble hearing his voice though and I am glad that they had captions on, or I would not have understood the lyrics of the songs he was singing.
After the movie, I picked up a copy of the rehearsal schedule for our talent show because I had misplaced mine.  Today they were rehearsing with the singers and, since I will only sing with them on an opening and closing number we all will do, I did not stay for that.  Instead I went to Grant Park to Taste of Chicago. I was undecided about going, but it was a really nice day, so I did join the crowd.  This year they were asking people to open their bags and purses.  It was the first time and I don’t know if it was only for this weekend or if it is being done every day now.
There were a lot fewer vendors there and where they used to have double rows of food booths down the street, there were only booths on each side, so there was a lot more room to move around in but it still got crowded.  There were no rides either except for a carousal for the kids.  In past years they had a boat that went down a water slide and a ferris wheel.  There will be no July 3rd big concert and fireworks display in Grant Park either this year.  There are going to be smaller firework shows in three locations in the city on the 4th.  I feel sorry for tourists who have not heard about the changes and came in expecting to see the big event. I think Taste will disappoint them too, if they have been here in the past.  To those who have never experienced it, it will probably still be fun because they won’t know what they are missing.


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