July 2, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Last night when I was on the Internet and looking at one of the writing sites, I found a link to an article about an 83 year old Welsh woman who just landed a three book deal.  Since my theme is "It’s Never Too Late!" and I am always finding encouragement from stories like hers I had to print it.  I read it to a friend this morning and he told me I should make copies for my other writing friends, so I did. One of the things which most impressed me about her story is that she wrote a short children’s story for BBC radio and was contacted by a publisher and asked to write a a trilogy about her character.   She was totally taken by surprise, expecting a rejection.  Now she has the first novel done and two more to write.

The same kind of thing could happen to me, I thought, and I too would be pleasantly surprised.  It would be one of those "ridiculous blessings’ Pastor Williams preached about.  My instructor for the ICL course said she could see my pigeon character being a three book plan.  It is not impossible.  I have to keep telling myself that and remembering that with God all things are possible and He delights in doing what to us seems an impossibility to show His power.
I went to the writing groups and I shared a blog entry with the journal writers, but I did not have a poem for the poetry group.  I passed out the copies I made about this story and one of our members looked her up and read a biography about her on the Internet.
In the afternoon, we had a rehearsal for the talent show which will be performed on two days, July 20 and 21, or 21 and 22.  I forget which the dates are for the show.  Today, Carol Holmes, the same woman who works closely with our chorus director, gave us a little description of what we will do and most of the people who were there did their number.  We have 42 acts, most of which are singers, but we have some musicians, a couple of poetry readings and a few dancers.  In previous years we had an Asian Indian woman do a traditional Indian dance, but she did not sign up this year. That will make my belly dance even more of a stand out.  
I did not do it today, however, because I still have not decided on the music I will use, (I don’t want to use what I had for the concert), and I have to devise the routine.  From what I heard today, it will be a good show again..  In fact it should be better than in previous years because I will be in it for the first time.  I would have sung, but they have too many singers so when Carol asked me to dance i said yes, I would do that.    

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