July 8, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did do my journaling this morning and I started to clean out more of the hall and made more stacks of stuff on the floor before I could not take it any longer.  I was hoping to write today, other than this and the journal, but I did not.
I went across the street to go to the evening Bible study, having chosen to skip the noon one to do the stuff here, but I had forgotten that we were not having Bible study at our church.  There is a district conference going on and the pastor and whoever else could were attending that and it will go on the rest of the week.
It is rather embarrassing to have to admit that I forgot about that because it was announced at our Sunday school class, copies of the program were in the bulletin and I had even asked pastor about whether there was a fee involved.  I was thinking that I might go.  It has been a long time since I went to such an event.  It’s being held here in the city at another church and I was going to find out how to get there.
I can still go to some of the sessions, if I don’t forget again.  I’m not sure about tomorrow though because it is the day I have the writing groups and we are doing another rehearsal for the talent show.  I will probably be too tired to want to go to an evening event after that and Friday we have the movie and chorus.  That goes to 3:15 and again I don’t like to go out later.  Actually I would stay out and just go there from downtown.  
If the bus route is not too complicated and I have any energy I may consider it for one of the days at least.  If I don’t make either of these day, there is still Saturday, but I think we are rehearsing for the talent show again then, so again, it would have to be later in the evening when I would get there. But, as the title of my blog says, "It’s Never Too Late!"

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