July 21, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I’m going to blog earlier than I have been so I can get a goo night’s sleep in readiness for tomorrow’s talent show.  Yes, the big two days will finally be here soon.  Today we had a full rehearsal.  We still had a couple of people missing in action and had to take the acts a little out of order to let some people leave early.  Carol warned people that if they don’t show up in time for a little run through tomorrow at 11:30 AM, when the show will start at 1:00 PM, they may have their acts cut.  Some people who were missing when we started did come in later.

Overall it went pretty well.  Some changes were made to the original plans when it was decided that moving chairs on stage would take too much time and people had to be positioned to be in the lights.  Our opening and closing numbers which we all take part in still looked ragged but the singing sound good.  We are opening with Beer Barrel Polka and closing with The Best of Times.  Some of the cast already suffered stage fright and forgot some words to their songs, but there is a tradition in show business that poor rehearsals make good performances.  Having a large audience does seem to get our adrenaline going.
I did not mail out my submission to the magazine today and I forgot four DVD’s which were due back at the library today.  I thought I would have to quickly get them to my local branch after I got home but I was not sure if they stayed open late or not tonight.  They have cut hours and only have two late nights now.  If this was not one, I would not have made it in time.  I tried to find the hours online, but did not see where to click for that, so I tried renewing them.  I had done so once already and did not know if they can be renewed three times like books.  Evidently they can, even though the cases still say 7 days only with no renewal on many of them and say you have to return them to the location you got them from.  I am glad they changed that.  I was able to renew them again.  I would have owed $8.00 tomorrow otherwise, and that is if I remembered to return them then.
The magazine submission is in an envelope with the stamp on it ready to go if I don’t forget to bring it with me or carry it around and don’t mail it, which I have also been prone to do.  Of course, I should not even be thinking that way or I will make it happen. 

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