July 6, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not go out today until this evening.  I worked out some choreography for the dance I will do for the talent show, so I can show it at rehearsal tomorrow.  I do not have every move figured out yet.  It would be easier if I had someone who could write it out for me or I could videotape myself dancing.  I wasn’t sure what to call some of the moves either, but I looked at the best instruction manual I have, and that also gave me some moves that I had forgotten and can use in the dance.

I wanted to write something creative but only did the journal and this.  I read some of the books Institute of Children’s Literature sent me, but I have not written any reviews on them yet.  Sometimes it’s hard to describe a book in at least 150 words, as they require, when the book has fewer words than that.  I have three very easy picture books that teach lessons, and a couple of books for older children.  One is about a cancer survivor.
Tonight, the church went on the walk around some of the blocks in the neighborhood again, praying for the blocks, people living on them and for those who asked for prayer and joined our prayer circle.  Many people do believe that prayer is the only thing that will eliminate the problems we have with gangs, drugs, prostitution, gambling and other illegal and dangerous activities.  People caught up in these lifestyles, either directly or indirectly through family members or friends being in them, often want to get out but don’t know how to do it.  They need to know that Jesus is the only real solution, because the underlying cause is sin.  
A lot of programs can help people overcome habits, but they are like taking medicine that dulls or masks pain but does not cure the cause of the pain, which can come back at any time, especially if one stops taking medicine.  People treat the church like a pain medicine.  They come when they are hurting, but when things begin to improve, they stop coming.  That is like not following through with a full dosage of medicine prescribed by a doctor.  The illness will return if one does not stay on the drug the full length of time necessary.  In speaking of spiritual illness, there is no time we cannot stop taking the Holy Spirit’s power and think we have gotten better, or can get better, on our own. 

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