July 20, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did my usual journal entry this morning and went to pick up mail that was at the business office of my landlord. I have things sent there when I know they will not fit the mail box and I will not be home to accept a delivery because I am never sure if they will be safe left in the hallway of the building.

I now have my lesson material for the rest of the ICL course, so I can begin lesson 4 after this week ends because it will be hectic now for the rest of the week with rehearsal tomorrow and then the talent show on Wednesday and Thursday and church services those nights. I have decided I will not go to the Friday night service because I want to go to a writers talk. I believe I mentioned that in a previous blog entry.

I went over to church early for the neighborhood walk. I thought we were supposed to pray an hour before and start the walk at 6;00 pm, so I was there at 5:00. Pastor was the only other church person there and he was engaged in a conversation with a cable installer. He then saw one of my neighbors come to sit outside and went over to talk to her. I sat outside the church enjoying the pleasant temperature. I don’t have air conditioning and the apartment is very hot and humid.

When other members arrived, we prayed before we left and started our walk. This time we went in the opposite direction from the way we have gone before. Two young ladies were with us and one brought her mother and then her father over to join our circle for prayer. Pastor spoke to the father and his wife "First Lady" as she is called spoke to the mother who walked back to the church with us. We will be seeing them in church. 

While I was putting my course material together, I also got the notes for the article I wanted to write. I gave a talk on the subject at a church rally in 2004. I just finished typing it up and I will be able to mail it out tomorrow.

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