July 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I was hit by a writing bug.  My journal was longer than it had been for several says and I even wrote an essay.  It was not one based on some of the ideas I got while writing my journal.  Those take more thought, unless I write out all of it in the journal.  The one I did write was taken from an thought that came to my mind before going to sleep one night recently.

I did not go anywhere today until the 12:00 PM Bible study.  I told pastor I wanted to share something with the group.   I told him about the poem I had published and gave him a copy of it.  I couldn’t give him the published copy because I can’t print that, so I printed what I had in my computer.  He gave it back to me and asked me to read it,  I came to the evening Bible study at 7:00 PM and he had me read it again.
Tonight I stayed for choir rehearsal too.  I’m trying to sing soprano because the altos vastly outnumber them, (just the opposite of when I was a girl and singing in music classes at school and in my first and second church).  I don’t have a high soprano voice but can hit most of the notes.  Of course I do not know the songs they were singing yet and I was depending on one soprano with a good voice and trying to follow her, but she lost the notes sometimes.  When the altos and men are singing and someone is playing drums and electronic organ, we can’t hear our notes.  All of the other parts drown ours out.

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