July 22, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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The first day of our two days of the talent show is over.  It went pretty well.  I am really impressed, as I was watching the shows before I got into it, at how smoothly it goes.  We pass from one act to another with only the briefest of introductions.  There is a 15 minute intermission.  The staff at the center said they issued all of the tickets but, in that case, there were many no shows.  Since it was free, people would not be as hesitant to not come as they would be if they paid for a non refundable ticket.  A couple of people who had not registered did get to come in today and there were still empty seats. 
My aunt came.  I knew she was planning to come either today or tomorrow.  I sent her a ticket for each day, because she was not sure when she would come or even if she would feel well enough to come at all, but I told her to not tell me what day she was coming.  She had a front row seat.  See really enjoyed it.  The woman who directed the whole thing said she felt that we had put on the best show of any she had directed and she has done many professional shows in her career as well as the talent shows of the past years.  She was even moved to tears talking about how well we worked with her.
After the show,  my aunt and I went to get something to eat and I walked with her to her bus stop and waited till hers came.  Then I went to a ticket machine in the subway to add more money to my bus card and got on mine.  I went straight to church, because tonight was the first of three services celebrating our church’s 6th anniversary, (of course I was not coming 6 years ago, but I did see the work being done on the church).  
Tonight, pastor shared that they started with 20 members.  I don’t know what the total is now but the sanctuary is getting pretty full on Sunday and every week we are seeing people get baptized.  Not all stay, but many do become members.
After the guest pastor gave his sermon from Revelation about reviving the dying church he gave an altar call and most of the people came up to be prayed for and anointed with oil.  Many were falling down and some fainting.  There were people around to support them, so no one would be hurt.  Other than on television, it was the first time I had witnessed anything like it that close.  Many years ago I probably attended at least one service where that was done, but it was at a big rally and I was not close enough to really see it like I did tonight. 
I didn’t go up, because I have a good relationship with the Lord now, but I am curious about what it feels like and I do wonder what would have happened if I did go up.  I did see one lady who did not fall or faint.  I doubt that I would have either, but then the Lord has worked on me in unexpected ways at unexpected times.  If He deems it necessary for me to have such an experience, whether I think I need it or not, I believe I will have it.  So, either I do not need it or the time is not right yet.   

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