July 28, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did my usual journal entry and got an idea for a book which I believe will take the rest of my life to write.  I don’t want to start sharing about it this early.  Once I do some work on it, I may.  I did tell one friend the idea and it did not sound crazy to him, which it will to most people.  I did a dummy sheet for the story I am sending in to ICL again and made all of the copies required.  Now all I have to do is get it into the mail.

Before I forget to mention it, the IRS resolved that mix-up with my tax return and I received a nice refund check in the mail yesterday, or it may have been Saturday.  I put it into my account today, anyway.
I met with the writers in our bi-weekly writing group Write Right.  I shared what I called Plant Parable, which I had written several years ago.  I relate that we can learn how we should relate to our creator and to one another by observing plants and how they grow.  I posted this on and already received a positive comment there about it.  My fellow writers in the group, although not of my faith, also felt that it was well written.

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