July 26, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I began this morning writing in my journal and then got ready for church, after I spoke with my best friend on the phone.  People were late getting to Sunday school, so we started to have one session and then when other women arrived, we split the men and women’s classes.  The lesson was on repentance being the first step toward God.  Coming to church regularly, even joining a church, doing good works, being well educated and having all of the wordly qualities of success, does not get one to God.  We can’t even truly repent without the Holy Spirit moving in our hearts.  Without Him, we can say we want to change and make promises that we will, and still go back to our old ways.  The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and gives us the power to turn away from it.  Too many churches don’t even teach that now.  People leave the church just the way they entered with no change in their lives.

Pastor’s message was from II Kings 4;8-16 about the woman who made a room for the prophet Elisha to rest in when he came through the town.  He asked her what she wanted as a repayment but she did not make any request.  She was childless, however, so Elisha prophesied that by that time next year she would have a child and she did.  Pastor Williams titled his message "There’s a Miracle Coming Your Way."  He pointed out that if we make room for God in our life, He will do miraculous things for us, granting our heart’s desire, even if we haven’t asked Him for it.  But, we have to make some sacrifices for His sake.  When he gave an alter call inviting people to give their lives to Christ, several people came forward and others came up for prayer and anointing.  A woman, a girl and two boys were baptized today.
We celebrated our pastor’s birthday downstairs with birthday cake after the usual Sunday meal.  It was the last Sunday of the month and there is usually an afternoon service on that Sunday, but we did not have one today.  I came home very tired.  I laid down to take a nap at about 5:00 PM and did not get out of bed till almost 9:00.  I was thinking that I would just get something to drink, and get back in bed, but I decided that I needed to do this blog.  So, that is all I have done today.  If I am too wired up now to go to back to sleep after this, I may type up another essay I wrote several days ago.     

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