July 17, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I spent this morning doing my journal, looking at emails and reading things on the Internet, including this web site. It was 12:00 before I realized I had to be on my way downtown to the rehearsal of the talent show. We got a late start but almost everyone was there for the tech rehearsal.

We practiced the opening and closing numbers, Carol told us who would be on stage and in other locations and gave us the order of the performers. I will be in our second act after intermission, but in the middle of the act.

We got into our positions and went up as if we were doing our numbers but to save time she only had people do the first couple lines of the songs and the endings. She did not put the music on for those of us who are dancing either. If people pay attention to the instructions on Tuesday, we should be able to do a full rehearsal and the show should run as seamlessly as other talent shows have.

Tonight, when I came home I began to look for an interview I did of a character in one of my short stories because I wanted to enter it into the What a Character contest on this site. I finally found it and I typed it in and entered it. First I just had Me as the interviewer, because that was what I did. As the author, that was my way to get to know my character better. The contest said it was to be between two characters though, so I gave an introduction to who was doing the interviewing and changed all of the Me’s to his name. 

It was really interesting using this technique and I should have done it before I wrote the story instead of afterward. I picked up details about the character I had not thought about, which may be useful to the story. That story is not in final format though, so I may still use this information.

I would encourage other writers to try interviewing your character and see what you learn about him, her or it. It could even lead to a new story altogether.


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