July 12, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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The only writing I did today was the journal in the morning and now this.  I wrote a little about yesterday, but not very much since I had blogged about it already.  Most of the journal entry dealt with what I would like to do tomorrow and my thoughts about the Bible passages I was reading.  I am going through the book of Romans one verse at a time and I have a devotional booklet "Today" that I read.  I also get inspirational messages on the computer.

This was the Lord’s Day and I went to Sunday school and church.  The pastor did not conduct a new members class today, but had us stay with the women’s class.  His message was from Acts 3:1-9 and he called it "Can I Get a Lift?"  The Bible passage was about the apostles healing the lame man and how they reached out and helped him stand.  We need to reach out to each other and offer encouragement rather than talking about people and putting them down or criticizing them.
We had an afternoon service after the meal today and this time we had testimonies and three lay speakers shared short messages.  One spoke about the seasons we go through in our lives and used the verses in Ecclesiastes that says there is a time for everything.  God has a time for us to do His work and we need to wait or act as He directs.
Our second message was about God fighting our battles and the story was about how when the enemies of Israel came against them and Elijah’s servant was worrying about what they should do, Elijah asked God to open his eyes so he could see there was a host of angels encamped around them ready to battle the enemy.
The last message was about the shoes of a servant.  The speaker had been in the military for 15 1/2 years, so he knows how to follow orders and respect authority.  He told how a servant, when given an instruction, should not only obey but also ask "Is there anything else I can do for you?"  It is the same thing Jesus told us to do when he told us to "go the extra mile" as the expression is used.  We should do over and above what we are asked to do as Jesus, the model servant, did.  Shoes were used as an illustration to say if our shoes are new and clean, we have not been serving.  Our shoes should show signs of wear and tear. 

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