July 31, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today, after I did the journal writing, I got myself ready and took the bus downtown to the Renaissance Court.  They showed the movie "The Book of Eli" today.  It was not what I had expected, but it was a good movie and Denzel Washington did a good acting job, as did the leading lady.

I had been called to come in for a second reading on the play I auditioned for and was cast as a security guard.  I was counting the lines I have and I believe it was 46, unless I mixed up the second security guard lines with mine.  (We don’t have names in the play).  That sounds like a lot of work but the lines are short, sometimes only one or two words.  They are in two scenes of the play though, near the beginning and near the end.  Another woman, who also sings in our chorus and was in "70 Girls 70" with me as one of the quartet, was cast as the other security guard.
A couple of people that Win, the director, would have liked to have cast could not be in it because they have health conditions that would prevent them from being there as often as they would need to be for rehearsals.    Most of the cast was in "70 Girls 70," last year.  On our first read through, we did not get the plot very well and were missing the humor of it but now we are getting better with it and it makes more sense.  Win’s son, who is a playright, wrote the play, so she is very concerned that it comes off well.  That was all I got done today, no other writing.

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