August 18, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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You know how they say you should never go into a supermarket hungry?  Don’t go into a Dollar Store hungry either.  I did that today and bought cookies, pretzels and snack crackers.  I do not keep them in the apartment regularly and had not had them for some time, but that was not what I needed to be spending those few dollars on, I should have used them for something healthier.  The problem with that is, the healthier item would not have lasted as long.  That’s one real reason poor people eat a lot of junk food.  There are often few, if any, stores selling good produce in their neighborhood.  Those foods are more expensive.  One needs to eat a large quantity of them to feel full, while junk food fills ones stomach quickly.  And, the junk food will not get eaten as rapidly, or spoil if it is not eaten right away.

I went to the shopping area in the neighborhood next to mine to try to find a white outfit to wear for Sunday, because the women of the church have chosen that color and I do not have white in my wardrobe with a couple of exceptions like white blouses and black and white dresses.  I did not find anything at the stores there which are all showing their fall fashions now and cater to teens and kids.  None of them have anything suitable for mature, working or retired women. I took another bus to another mall on the East Side, but did not find anything there either.  I did, however, buy a lot of stuff at the Dollar Store I mentioned, not just the snack foods.  I even bought two items for props for the play I will be doing next month.  It was nice to get out and shop today.  I had been depriving myself of doing so, except for necessary items, for too long.  Women have to shop.

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