August 26, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This afternoon I went downtown for a program about rivers.  The woman conducting it is the assistant to our choir director and she directs the talent shows and had the lead role in our last Primus play, so I know her pretty well.  She had an interesting handout prepared listing rivers in Africa and giving maps showing them.  There were some poems about Africa and the rivers and bios about some of the explorers who found them.  She also showed a few pieces of movies about Africa, The African Queen, Khartoum, and Zulu.  That makes me want to see them.  I don’t think I ever saw The African Queen in its entirety, only bits of it.  I don’t know if I saw Khartoum and I know I did see Zulu but that was so long ago I don’t remember it.  Many movies made during those days of the big Hollywood spectacle, I did see but I was too young to really know much about what the story was really about so it is good to see them over when one is old enough to appreciate them.
I was home in time to listen to Michael Savage before i went to church for Bible study and choir practice.  The Bible study subject was "Is Your Faith Under Fire?"   The  main passage was 1 Peter 1:3-7, but pastor also gave us other references that say that we will go through trials and tribulations and persecution. He said there are four things we need to do when we are in that situation:
1.  Radiate God, don’t go around complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves.
2.  Remember God’s promises that He is always with us and will get us through.
3.  Recognize God’s purpose behind the situation.  There is usually a lesson He wants to teach us.
4.  Rely on God’s power and realize that we can’t get out of it on our own.
We practiced some very nice praise songs in the choir rehearsal about Jesus being worthy of our praise, worship and honor.  One song they did I did not know, so I just listened.  One of the choir member’s children were there and I was watching her 3 year old daughter dance to the songs.  She had so much energy, she was like the Energizer Bunny, she kept going and going and she had a lovely smile on her face.  She even bowed when the organist stopped playing and she finally stopped dancing.  I told her mother she has a real entertainer and she said she is trying to sing now too.  I can see her singing in the choir and leading praise dancers when she is older. 


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