August 2, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I can hardly believe it is August already.  Summer will be over soon.  It has been a hot sticky one this year for us in Chicago, but I do not look forward to winter coming, a cool, not humid but not too dry autumn would be nice though and a welcome relief.  That is my favorite part about living in the Midwest.  We have all four seasons.  Just when we are getting really tired of one, it changes and we can have a diverse wardrobe.  I would miss that and not want to be in a climate with little seasonal variation.
Today, I did journal in the morning, which I did not do  yesterday, and went to Sunday school and church.  The friend who came to our picnic yesterday came to church today too.  She said that she wanted to visit.  She’s been looking for a church where she can feel comfortable but I don’t know if she’s want to come all the way here from the North side where she lives every week and she would not be getting involved in Bible studies or other services and ministries we have because of that.  I will have to ask Pastor if there are any Apostolic churches close to her that he would recommend.  He did tell one new member that if he could not get here regularly he would find another church for him to attend.  That man is a truck driver, so he would be on the road some weekends.  He also told him to connect with other Christians over the CB and they could have a church service that way.
The sermon Pastor preached was two verses that tell us that all power is given to Jesus.  He gave an invitation for those who needed power in their lives to accept Jesus.  Two people were baptized, a man and a woman, and many were anointed with oil and prayed for including three boys who I believe were bothers.  Pastor prayed that they will become men of God and not get into drugs, gangs, alcohol or other negative and criminal activities that many of our young people are involved in today.
Before the dinner today, which my friend also stayed for, a young boy hugged me and asked my name and he took a plate of garbage for us.  It is so good to see children being raised to help that way.  I got a hug from an even younger girl too.  I think if I had been brought up in this type of environment I would be a lot more comfortable around people who hug a lot.  I’m getting used to it but it made me very uncomfortable at first because our family and acquaintances weren’t like that and we did not do that in church when I was young.


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