August 20, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today was a full day for me.  I went to the journal writing and poetry groups and the new improv group.  I had a blog piece to share about my shopping trip with the journal writers and a piece about bad parenting creating a lack of respect for authority in children today.  That has to have some changes made because there were some critical comments made about it, not the writing itself but the ideas as presented.  I really did not take part in the improve group except to answer questions on my opinion of Bill Clinton and Monica and I did not offer anything funny.  Most of us did not give funny answers to that.

After the improv group, I went shopping again, determined to find something white to wear Sunday.  I went to Loehman’s, Nordstrom’s Rack. H&M, Sears, Half Price and T J Maxx and could not find anything I was satisfied with at them.  I came close to picking out items a couple of times but wanted to see if I could find something I liked better.  I finally went to Filene’s Basement and there I found a very nice white dress, sleeveless high scooped neckline, empire waist with a slightly full skirt and a design on the bottom.  It is suitable for a woman my age.
Then I went to a restaurant I had not been to in probably 20 years or more, Artist’s on South Michigan Avenue.  I had a bowl of Greek egg lemon soup that my friend had introduced me to, which was thick with rice and got a hot dog that came with fries.  After eating the soup and the piece of pita bread it was served with I was too full to finish the hot dog and fries, so I have half of that left for tomorrow.  The restaurant was not crowded with noisy people and was playing real Greek music.  I enjoyed it, even though I was eating alone.

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