August 31, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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The last of the classes on religions of the world today was on Islam.  According to the description of the teachings of that faith they are very akin to Judaism and Christianity and they do recognize Jesus as a great teacher.  I do not understanding how the radicals of their faith got such twisted ideas, but then I could never understand how the Ku Klux Klan could be Christians either.
They claimed to be Christians, and did all of the things they were supposed to do as Christians, except the most important one.  They did not love men who were created in God’s image, so, as God points out, they did not love Him either.  They played church and deceived themselves.
All religions have people who go to extremes with distorted doctrines and that is why so many people today have turned against all of them.  God still has his "true" church, but we no longer know who is part of it, and we should not go around judging others and accusing them of not belonging to it.  We, who think we know God,, may be just as wrong as someone from another faith, or perhaps even more in error.  God hates self-righteousness, or self-anything, that our world instills in us.
The way the Muslims who are truly devout live would put most of us to shame because they do not have separate compartments for God and the rest of their lives.  They are right in judging our materialism as being evil and corrupt.  Christians have presented a very bad example of Christ, especially here in the United States.  We put our own interests ahead of His and even the best of us have to really fight hard to resist all of the temptations around us.  Thank goodness God forgives us when we fall, as long as we are humble enough to admit it.


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