August 21, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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While writing in my journal this morning, I wondered if I should go to the film being shown at RC today.  I looked in the book last night to see what it would be and it was about a gay man.  Since I do not condone this lifestyle and our world’s attitude of it being okay because it is an "alternative" lifestyle that is no worse than heterosexuality, I thought perhaps I should not see the movie.  I journaled long enough that I would not have been able to get there in time anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong about my attitude toward homosexuality.  I do not believe one should treat a person who practices this kind of life any differently than one would treat anyone else.  God loves all of us, no matter what sin we commit.  I do believe, though what the Bible says about same sex relations being sin and would pray for, and seek to share that with someone who is gay.  I do not believe we should facilitate their deviant behavior as all of our society has been doing lately.  The Bible said there would be a time when evil would be called good and good evil, and it is happening now. 
And God did not make people that way, as some would try to make us believe, including some ministers  God does not make  us what we become.  We do it ourselves by the choices we make in our lives. Oh, I may be willing to say certain people may have a stronger inclination to become gay, like a person who has alcoholic parents being more susceptible to becoming a drunkard than another person.  But, they still have the choice to make as to whether or not they will give in to that temptation.
After I did my journal and talked to my friend on the phone, I went downtown to be there for chorus rehearsal.  Our director began by showing us three shore video clips.  One was a opera company in PA, who in plain clothes, while mingling with people at a market, began singing a piece from an opera.  First one man began singing and then a woman joined with him and more and more began singing.  Of course at the beginning people didn’t quite know how to respond to the one man and wondered if he was crazy, but they recognized that he had a great voice so they began to stop and listen.  As more people began singing people could tell that they were professionals and enjoyed listening to them.
The other two clips were a group of opera singers at a concert in Germany singing an operatic piece and our own Chicago Symphony chorus singing at the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.  He wanted us to pay attention to how they changed the intensity of their singing and directed us to do so in the songs we practiced.  We did not do any operatic piece yet, but he always includes at least one in every concert we perform.
After the practice, I came home and ate and relaxed a bit and talked to my friend again.  Then I went over to the tent that was set up for our revival.  On an empty lot across the street was a small tent and there were many police cars parked on the street and uniformed police at that lot.  They were holding a CAPS recruitment meeting and were serving hot dogs, chips, pop and water to residents who stopped by.  Some of us went over to get some.  Jody Weiss was there too I heard but I did not see him.  I asked Pastor if they had arranged that to provide security for our revival meeting, but he said they were going to be leaving in about 20 minutes.  They had left before our meeting started.
I sang with the choir tonight but one of the songs they sang I did not know all the words to yet.  I sang what I could.  We did two lively ones "The Blood Still Works" and "Joy" and ended with a slow quiet one that I think is called "A Song of Praise."  The words say that Jesus  loves to hear us lift our voice in praise to Him.  It is a sound He loves to hear.
Pastor preached on the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son and encouraged people who were lost to come to Jesus.  No one came forward at the altar call, but I will not say that my prayer was not answered because someone may have come to talk to someone privately and been saved later, or will think about what they heard and get saved at home.  I am confident that at least one person was and that is all God needs to do a mighty work and all He needs to rejoice., Pastor called his message, "There’s A Party and You’re Invited."  He pointed out that in each parable of the lost item, when it was found there was a celebration and we are told that there is rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents.  I believe they are rejoicing now.

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