August 7, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I have not been to bed yet, and so I will count this as a blog for August 6, even though it is after 3:00 AM on August 7 now.  I mixed up dates again.  I did not have a chorus rehearsal today after all, that starts back again next week.  I did go down for the movie though, after I did my morning journal pages.  I had not done so the previous day.  The movie Shutter Island was quite and thought provoking.  Two other ladies talked about our response to it and the other two found it disturbing.  We all agreed that is was exciting enough to keep our interest up and did not agree about the ending.  One said it should have been one of the films they do a Discuss and Discover program about.  The lady who leads that, which I believe they have once a month, always has a list of questions for us to answer. Many are simple, but some bring out differences of opinion or interpretation.  This movie would have done that, I am sure.

There was a play rehearsal after that, but it is not like a real rehearsal yet because we take scenes out of order and are still reading the script.  Each tine we do though it gets funnier because we are starting to understand it better and learning what to emphasize for the humor.  When we start actually moving about on stage, with more props perhaps. it will be even better.  The other lady that plays a security guard with me, and I, are to meet at the director’s house on Monday to go over our parts with her and she says she has ideas of movements she will have us doing.  I’m going to rehearsal later this morning, (I started to say tomorrow), but my partner will not be there.


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