August 6, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Only one of the three things I would have been doing today was still on.  The part of the Cultural Center where they are held in the senior center, Renaissance Court, was closing at noon to prepare for a function the President was to attend.  Our journal writing class met though and we had a new gentleman join us. He is a very good looking man who does not appears anywhere near his 80 years.  He has been staying active.  He loves dancing and goes to the dance programs at Grant Park and other places.  He’s been around the world working on cruise ships dancing with women who go on the cruises.  They told him he is too old for that now though.  That is what I like about going to programs at RC, the seniors I meet there are so vibrant.  It gives me hope for my future.

The movie Shutter Island is being shown tomorrow. They show movies on Friday morning and they are usually ones that I did not see. Shutter Island is one of the ones I did not see.  I seldom go to movies now.  There are no local theaters anymore and the movie chains charge really high prices. Suburban theaters are cheaper and, unlike when I was growing up and local theaters would get a film after it showed downtown, they often have the same movies showing at the same time.  Since I do not drive, however, and some are only open in the evening during the week and have early shows only on weekends, I don’t often go to them.  Sometimes, when I am in the mood on a weekend, I will take public transportation and go to Park Ridge and the Pickwick theater.
After the movie we will start of a new session of the RC chorus.  Then, I will have a play rehearsal, so it will be a busy day for me, but one I will enjoy.  I will be very tired on Saturday but not too much so to miss another rehearsal.  I may stay for a foreign film too if I can stay awake.  That is not part of the RC events.  It is The International Film Festival showing them in a studio in the building with a real movie screen.  RC just shows DVD’s on a large screen TV.  
Oh, I did not mention in my blog last night, about going to choir practice, that the church has a new music director  This man had us doing warm up exercises and worked with each part separately to help us learn them.  I will like singing under his direction, but I have to bring earplugs next time because the choir sings too loud for me.  It hurts my ears and I can’t hear myself.  If I can’t hear my voice no one else probably can either and that may be an advantage if I get off key.  I can hear myself with the RC chorus and when I can’t get those foreign language words I have to fake it. 

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