September 23, 2010

I’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I had nothing on my schedule, so after doing my journal I read some more of the book about the girl who gets cancer. I’m about half way through now. I also went online to look at emails and I wrote a poem for another contest. I would have that to share with our poetry group tomorrow, but we have a play rehearsal in the morning which will go through the times of my writing groups, so I will not be able to go to them.

I went downtown for a Tai Chi class in the afternoon, stopped to get something to eat. Then I came back home.

Tonight was Bible study and choir rehearsal. Pastor spoke on a passage in Exodus 38, where the people of God were bringing items to be used to build the tabernacle and they brought so much stuff the workmen went to Moses to tell him they had more than they needed and he told the people to stop bringing the offerings. He brought up the fact that the people were giving offerings over and above their tithes because they were "willing hearted" as it is described in chapter 35, verse 22. If we gave that way he too would be able to tell us to stop bringing offerings and there would be more that enough to do all the Lord asked us to do for Him.

We had a good choir rehearsal. We warmed up with songs we had sung, rather than the vocalizations, and began learning a new song. At the end of choir practice our music director gave us a quiz on things he had been teaching us and he had prizes for those who got the most answers correct. Two of us tied at 100%. He only had one first place prize so he had pastor draw one of the papers to see who would get it. He drew mine. The director is going to get another Pizza Hut gift card, for the gentleman I was tied with, and give it to him next week. There was also a second place prize for someone with only one wrong answer. There were a lot of them, so pastor pulled a paper again.


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