September 14, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I began my journal recording what I was able to remember about two dreams I had.  My mother was in both.  I suppose seeing those journal entries I made when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and what I wrote during her her deteriorating health and subsequent death, within a relatively short time, had her still on my mind.  Of course in my dreams she was not ill and we were doing things we used to like to do together in one of them.  But, in the first one I just spoke to her on the phone. 

I had been out with friends at a large public venue, such as Navy Pier, and had gone to use the restroom, leaving my personal belongings with them.  When I returned they were gone and so was my purse.  I was worrying about how I would get home when my cell phone rang and I answered it.  Mom had called.  She was talking about unimportant things, but may have asked me to stop at a store on the way home.  I told her I didn’t know how I was going to get home and what had happened.  She then told me that one of my friends had taken the purse to the house explaining that they couldn’t find me.  She told me to take a cab and call before I got home and she would meet me with the cab fare.
There was nothing on my schedule until this evening so I made my bed, took a short nap, did a little shopping and some reading.  I did the fast again today and I was going to go on the neighborhood walk, but when I ate leftover food after 4:00 pm it did not agree with my digestive system.  I guess I had had it for too long.  So, I did not go on the walk.  Tonight, I did crossword puzzles and watched the movie "Small Sacrifices" with Farrah Fawcet as the mother who killed one of her kids and tried to kill the other two and claimed a stranger had done it as she was driving them home from a visit with a friend.  She was found guilty and is serving a life sentence.  The prosecuting attorney on her case adopted the two children who did survive. 

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