September 2, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I just got back from a good choir rehearsal at church.  We went over two songs that we will sing at a sister church which is celebrating the opening of their new, large building.  The service will be tomorrow night.  Other choirs from other churches will be there too, so it will be quite an event.  The church is only a few blocks away and I saw it being built, so I am anxious to see what the inside of it looks like.

I did not go out today except to pay my rent at the business my landlord operates around the corner and then later to get something to eat at Church’s chicken.  I didn’t have anything to cook and did not feel like cooking anyway in this heat, although I did make a bean and rice soup which I had for lunch and have plenty of that left.  Actually, there isn’t much soup to it because I let it cook for several hours on low heat to be sure the beans go done.  It is pretty good though.  I use juice I save and freeze from meals I cook in my slow cooker and then add the beans and rice.
Tomorrow morning I have the two writing groups to go to and i have to type up my poem, if it really is one, for the Brown Bag Poets.  It does not rhyme like poems I know and like and the way most of mine do, but it is short.  It is not an essay, but could make a chorus for a song about who God is and what being in His image really means.

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