September 7, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning after I did my journal, I headed downtown to meet a friend who had invited me to her apartment because she wanted me to see how she had reorganized it. She has a studio on the Near North side of the city. I would not want to try to live in such a small area where you have one room to be your living room, dining room and bedroom. I would want at least one room for a bedroom. My apartment is a 4 room, two bedroom apartment and I have it loaded with stuff. Much of it I do not need now, but I haven’t been able to get rid of much. I like having a lot of room and would like it better if I could get it organized and free up more space.

Anyway, she served a late lunch or early dinner and we went out to get ice cream and sat outside one of the hotels in her neighborhood and ate that. Then she walked me to the bus stop and sat with me until the bus came. One bus did not appear to be stopping and I had not seen it coming. When it did stop past the bus shelter, I did not get up to go after it and waited for the next one.

I made it home in time to do the neighborhood walk with Labor of Love Church. Many children were with us tonight, but we got a late start and did not take flyers with. We only went two blocks and returned, but we did pray with some people. We started late because pastor was having a conversation with a neighbor.

After the walk, we had a women’s choir rehearsal because we will be singing Sunday. One of the songs we are doing is about stomping on Satan. There are not many words to it, a lot of oh’s and we mostly echo a lead singer. The other song has a solo singer, (a different one) and we have very little chorus parts to it. The song I was trying to remember yesterday, that we sang on Sunday, was "The Lord is Blessing Me." It came to me this morning as I was leaving the apartment and walking to the bus stop.

Oh, I did not report that I got back my lesson from ICL. The instructor Pegi Shea, told me to shorten sentences and use stronger verbs, but she thinks the story is in good shape. She wants me to submit an outline for another story with my same pigeon character, but I don’t know what I will have her do now I’m thinking that she has heard the story of Cher Ami, the hero messenger pigeon and wants to be a hero like that bird,so she begins to hand around a military base, but that is all I have so far. If anyone is reading my blog and has suggestions, I would be open to them.. 

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