September 16, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today was a little different for me at the Cultural Center.  Instead of writing groups, I went to one on the Supreme Court and the Constitution.  There was a little discussion on whether it was good for Supreme Court justices to have lifetime positions as they do now.  Some of us would prefer that they have term limits, but others, including a lawyer who has tried cases before them, felt that it was good.  He believes it prevents them from getting caught up in the political games that go on around election time, where votes are bought and traded.  I can see his point,t but I favor all government positions having limits in length of terms and number of times a person can serve.  Would anyone care to comment on this?  The main purpose of the class was for the presenter to share information about the Supreme Court.  I did not pay that much attention to those details, since I am not in school now and will not be tested on it.  But, she mentioned some things I may want to find out more about, like one of the early Chief Justices being a con man.
After that class, or meeting, I went to a Tai Chi lesson.  I had attended at least one a long time ago but did not go consistently for some reason.  It probably conflicted with something else I was doing.  This time I signed up, and paid, for a full 8 weeks.  There are people who have been doing this each quarter and some of us who were new to it.  It was a little hard for me the follow some of the moves, but I like the slow movements and did feel more energized, and relaxed at the same time, after it ended.  I then broke my fast at 4:00 pm and had a turkey Subway sandwich meal.
When I got home it was around 6:00 pm and church, Bible study and choir practice, began at 7:00 pm.  I sat down to relax a bit and almost fell asleep.  It was very hard do get my body to get up and go to church, but I did and am glad.  The pastor had a nice message from Genesis 2:7 and II Corinthians 4:7-12.  The first verse is about how God made man out of dust and the passage in II Corinthians talks about how we have a treasure (the Holy Spirit) in earthen vessels and that because we are earthen vessels, we will have trouble in the world.  Pastor called the message "Trouble, You’re in Trouble." reminding us that we can get through anything that gets in our way because of the power of the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost as they still call Him.
Choir practice was good.  On one new song the director was trying to teach us, when he had the sopranos singing their part someone was off pitch.   So, he had each of use do it individually to find out who it was.  This was not meant to embarrass and no one was offended because we knew he was trying to correct the problem.  He did correct the women who were not hitting the right notes.  I was okay.  My voice cracked a bit at first from nervousness, but I did not get the notes wrong.  I usually don’t, unless I am next to someone who does and that person has a more powerful voice.  Then I tend to follow her, or if I am next to a strong alto, I will end up singing alto notes.  He had us move away from them to help prevent that until we get confident with our part.  Pastor heard me sing and complimented me.  I will not be surprised if one Sunday he asks me to sing during the offering.  He does that to a couple of women now.  It, would be alright with me if he does.    

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