May 20, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This is actually by blog entry from yesterday.  I did it on another site and copied it but this morning I saw it had copied the wrong entry, or I had.  Anyway this is the correct one.

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Today I went to Serendipity, a musical variety program by seniors. It is Older Citizens Month, (I believe that is what it was referred to rather than Senior Citizens, which has become one of the politically incorrect terms). Anyway, this is the seventh year they have put this program on and some of those who perform have been doing it since it started. 

Most of them sang, including our chorus librarian and assistant to the director. Carol was a professional singer and still sings. She belongs to a group of cabaret singers and she will sing at Taste of Chicago, with the chorus director, Tim, as her accompanist. 

There was one couple who danced and the man could still lift the lady and do the splits. He is at least 61. That was the youngest age I heard them mention when they introduced themselves and gave their ages at the end of the show. The oldest was the 83 year old, I think. Most were in their mid 60’s. I believe all of them had been professional performers like Carol.

At the show they gave out free box lunches. I saw people standing in line with tickets, which I did not have, because I was told that there was no ticket since it was at the Pritzker Pavillion and free. They were collecting tickets for the lunches though. I asked one lady in line where she got hers and she told me at the center where I go. She had an extra ticket and gave it to me, so I got the lunch of a sandwich, a small bag of chips, two cookies and an apple and bottle of water, (which was not in the box).

After the program ended, I checked out my emails on the computer in the Cultural Center and came home. This evening, I put two religious poems and two essays on the Triond web site. They were all things I had written many years ago. I got out a draft of a story I had submitted for one of those early correspondence courses I mentioned in the early entries of this blog explaining by writing background story. This short story was written in 1978 and I still want to work on it. Unfortunately the short story market has dried up since then. I may have to see if I can turn it into a novel. I got some different ideas for the characters I wrote one scene about. I seem to get the best ideas when I am on the bus or out where there are people around me. 


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