May 10, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did do a little writing in my personal journal today, but nothing I consider creative writing.  At church today the pastor spoke about "the fear of the Lord."  It is a subject that I wrote about some time ago.  His understanding of it was a little different than what I got, but we started with the same thought.  I’ll have to show him what I wrote.
After church, I went downtown and heard part of a performance by three Indian musicians, a singer, tabla player and harmonium player.  The tabla is Indian drums similar to bongo drums.  The harmonium was an instrument I would have liked to have seen close up.  It appeared to be a box but the player opened and closed one side which evidently had a bellows because it sounded like an accordion.  All three musicians sat on the stage.  I used to be able to sit like that but my legs would be terribly cramped if I tried it now.
I left after a couple of numbers because a friend was coming to pick me up.  She had invited me over for dinner.  We spent several hours together and she drove me home.  


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