May 25, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I am going to do this blog entry now, so I don’t end up staying up till 6:00 AM again, even though I dont’t have much to say.  I still did not find the pages I was looking for,, but I found some dialogues I had with God in 2008 and I read some of them.  They were pretty interesting.  I also found notes I had made as I read Joel Olsteen’s book Your Best Life Now.  For anyone who reads this and may not know who he is, he is a big time televangelist and author.  His wife has also written at least one book.  I never thought much of the TV ministers, but the book was getting so much attention, I decided to read it.   I disagreed with things he had to say and that was what ny notes were about.
I typed up a full essay from that and included something that Maria vo Trapp had in an essay she did for This I Believe and I put the essay on Triond.  So, I did do a little more writing today besides the morning journal and this blog.  I did not read like I said I was thinking of doing yesterday, since, as I said,, I did not get to bed,  Tonight, however, I think I will read more of Brooklyn.  It has not kept my attention so far, but msybe ai am not far enough into it.

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