May 26, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I named the blog entry that because that was the title of the essay I shared in the writing group that meets every two weeks.  It was not a new piece of writing.  I did not write anything new to share with them.  The essay was about starting our day with prayer and expecting God to work on our behalf.
As I said, I did not have a new piece of writing, but I did my usual journal entry this morning, and my blog now.
Tonight was the study at church and we read about ways to simplify our lives so we can spend more of our time and energy on doing God’s will, (when we discover what it is for us).
When I got home and went online, I found another writing site,  They are having a writing retreat that sounds like a lot of fun, if I could afford it.  But, I got on the email list for their magazine, which will give me more writing tips and inspiration.

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