May 14, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did not journal because I had to get ready to go down to the writing groups.  It would have taken me too long to do those pages,because, once I began, it would be hard to stop.  So, I went to the journal writing and poetry group.  At the journal writing group, I shared yesterday’s blog entry of how I did so much writing and I shared the poem with the poetry group.
While I was at the Cultural Center, I looked at literature they had out on the table and saw a card about The Center for Creative Aging at Harold Washington College having a lecture tonight, and through the month on Thursday nights.  It sounded interesting, so I decided to stick around until 5:00 PM and then go to that.  Another lady, who comes to Renaissance Court and recognized me from there, was also on her way over.  I sat next to her.  
The speaker who was scheduled to be there had cancelled on short notice and they had gotten other people to come and talk as a panel instead.  One was a gerontologist, and another a geriatric psychologist.  The moderator had not told them what they would be talking about,, but it was on whether we should, as a nation, be spending money to try to extend people’s lifespans.  He told us there are tests going on now for a drug that will slow down the aging process by 7 years. It has little funding and he asked if we would rather have more money be spent on that, or continue to have it spent treating diseases after people get them. 
Most audience members who spoke said we need to have both, but one felt that if we lived right we should not get diseases and would not need that treatment.  Everyone agreed that the quality of life was the most important thing and as the gerontologist said each one of us has our own understanding of what that means.  She brought up the importance of having a plan for our care if we are to become unable to care for ourselves; living will, and medical power of attorney, with people who know us and will carry out our wishes.  Too many elderly people, who have no such support in their lives, fall victim to elder abuse or neglect.  I don’t know who I would be able to count on for that. 


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