May 7, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today was another non writing day for me.  I went to two writing groups in the morning.  At one, I shared an essay, (with a poem) and I had another poem for the poetry group.  Both were well received.  It was suggested that I send the poem, about writers writing, to a writing magazine.  I think I will look into that.  I know one of the ones I used to get does not take poetry.  I tried to send them a poem once and got the rejection back saying they do not accept poetry, even though they publish articles about it..

While I am on the subject of poetry, I just received an e-mail with the link to the WBEZ recording of the Poetry Fest, Poetry Cram I read at.  I haven’t listened to it myself as I write this, but the link is http// if you would like to hear me reading one of my poems.
After the writing groups, I went to one of the studios in the building to listen to some high school jazz bands.  They were quite good and I enjoyed that.  Then I got something to eat and took a bus to the East Side. 
Our church was hosting a community prayer vigil on the church lawn this evening.  I had a little extra time before it was due to start so I went to the library there and spent 25 minutes on the computer, which was all I could get because they closed early tonight.  I then went to church and meditated in the chapel for awhile until it was time for the service.
I was quite cold and windy (52 degrees according to a bank thermometer) and many of us were not dressed as warm as we should have been, including Pastor who was only in his suit, but he decided we should bear with a little discomfort for our Lord’s sake so anyone passing by would see us out there and know what we were doing.  The group consisted of our church members and members and pastors of other churches in the area and we numbered at least 100, men, women and children.  We formed a circle and each person who was willing said a prayer.  Many prayers were offered on behalf of the youth in the community.  We also prayed for families, businessmen and women, teachers, our pastors, our country and it’s leaders and the world.  Then we came inside
to warm up with some refreshments.  It was a good evening.

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