May 12, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I didn’t go to the writing group I belong to, which meets every two weeks.  It was looking windy, cold and damp so I did not want to go out.  The morning went by quickly and at about noon, I was tired again.  I laid down to take what I thought would be no more than a one hour nap, at which time I would then decide if I was going to go to the writing group meeting or not.  I did not wake up until I heard my phone ringing at about 2 PM.  That was the time our group would have been starting.  

I talked to my friend, who had called, ate some left overs and answered questions in the book we are studying at church, to get ready for tonight.  That and my journal were the only things I wrote until now.  I got to church early and sat in the room reading and doing a crossword puzzle while I waited.  
We began a bit late tonight.  Pastor opened with prayer and asked us to share what God has been doing in our lives over the past week.  Two of the women gave lengthy reports and we only got half way around the table when he said we should get to the book and the rest of us could share after the lesson.  No one wanted to stay longer though, so he said it will be our turn to start the sharing next week. 

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