October 5, 2011

Can I Still Count This?

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I missed the post for the day officially because it is after 12:00 AM on a new day, but I consider my day the time I am up, so To me it is still October 4.  Can I count it that way for the challenge?

Today I did a lot of laundry and went to the senior center downtown where I played Wii bowling.  I didn’t do too well on the first game, third of the four of us who played with a score of a little over 100, but on the second game I had four strikes in a row and scored 224.  That was the best I have done.

I will make this a short post because I still want to read some emails and then I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow is the start of our church’s Illinois District Council and it is only  a short walk from my apartment this time so I will be able to easily attend all of the meetings.  I want to get some sleep though or I will be sleeping through them.


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