October 5, 2011

Missed Post

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Even counting the post I made at 12:?? AM as being made the day before, I noticed when I posted it that I still missed one day.  Oh, well, so much for that plan.  I guess I have to start over now if I expect to go a full month with no misses.  At least I am getting this one done on time.  I wasn’t sure I would because it was the first day of our District Council.  I was at the host church about 8 blocks from home for 12 hours today, or close to it.  I got there before 10 AM when they began a prayer service and the ending service tonight ended at about 9:30 PM.  Some of the council services went on longer.  Since I was so close to home this time, it did not take long for Pastor to drive me home either.  Some of the ones I attended took close to an hour to get back from.

There was no lunch served today, but I ate a good breakfast at a snack shop around the corner from them before I went in this morning.  So did another lady I saw there later.  Neither of us observed a fast from the time we arose til 4:00 PM which is what our churches ask us to do.  At 4:00 PM the host church served a good dinner and that comes free with the registration fee for the conference which is $15.00.  Next year I will only have to pay $7.00, or whatever the amount they will be charging seniors if they raise it.  They start that at 66, not 65.

Few people from our church attended, a couple of ladies came in the morning and left and some others came only for the evening.  Our Pastor’s wife was there all day though from the time she got there.  She came for the 12:00 PM session, but not for the early prayer service.  I don’t think she is coming tomorrow, but I will.  It will not begin until 1:00 PM though.  This conference is starting later and ending earlier than others did.  I don’t know if that was a decision made by the board that will apply to all conferences from now on or if it was just made according to what this host church could handle.


Can I Still Count This?

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I missed the post for the day officially because it is after 12:00 AM on a new day, but I consider my day the time I am up, so To me it is still October 4.  Can I count it that way for the challenge?

Today I did a lot of laundry and went to the senior center downtown where I played Wii bowling.  I didn’t do too well on the first game, third of the four of us who played with a score of a little over 100, but on the second game I had four strikes in a row and scored 224.  That was the best I have done.

I will make this a short post because I still want to read some emails and then I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow is the start of our church’s Illinois District Council and it is only  a short walk from my apartment this time so I will be able to easily attend all of the meetings.  I want to get some sleep though or I will be sleeping through them.

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