November 18, 2011

New Pets

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Well, I did it.  I broke down and bought, not one but, two parakeets yesterday.  I decided I wanted to have them to be thankful for on Thanksgiving and someone to talk to over the weekend.  I hope to spend Wednesday night and Thanksgiving with a friend, but I will come back Friday morning and want to have company for the rest of the weekend.

I got a blue and black and white male, who I named Twitter and a mostly white with purple and black and white wings female I call Chitter.  I was not smart enough to take the cage down to the pet store at the corner of the building I live in so the owner could put them in for me.  Instead, he put them in a box.  When I opened it to get them,  they flew out.  I spent a major portion of the day trying to coax them into the cage, but did get them in.  They are still getting settled in and haven’t been making any noise yet, but it took Tweeter quite awhile to start tweeting too.  \

I think these birds will get used to me quicker.  I touched Chitter’s tail, which was sticking through the bars, this morning and she didn’t seem to feel it or notice that I was doing it.  Twitter has climbed around the cage a bit and eaten from a seed tree treat he climbed a ladder to reach.  But, Chitter has not been active yet.  Being a female (so the pet store owner said), it will probably be the noisier of the two, while the male (I am pretty sure Twitter is a male) is the more adventurous, just like children.  I left the radio on for them when I left because Tweeter liked to listen to music.  It will be good to have someone to talk to when I come home again.


November 8, 2011

No New Pets Yet

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I last blogged about the loss of my parakeet and I  have been thinking about getting two this time but I have not made a final decision yet.  The Blue Magic pet shop in the building I live in has a lot of them now and they are all so cute it is hard to decide.  I am pretty sure that I will get a male and female this time though and see if they will mate.  At least they will have each other for company when I am away from home.  That was one of Tweeters problems.  The bird was alone too much, with a radio sometimes for company, but I did not always put that on either.  I don’t know if I will be able to train the new birds to talk when they will be able to talk bird talk to each other, but if I can get one to respond to me the other will have an example to follow and be easier to work with, at least that is what I hope.  Right now though I am in a financial bind and I want to make sure I can get out of it before I go deeper into debt with the birds.  Still, I would like to have them by Thanksgiving so I have something to give thanks for, and company if I end up spending the holiday alone.  I haven’t been working on any writing projects or going to the writing groups and with my computer not functioning I have been really frustrated and sort of in the dumps.  I am hoping that a friend of mine will be able to fix it soon.  It is amazing how quickly one becomes dependent upon them.

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