October 1, 2011

Day 2 of Post a Day Challenge for Me

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Today I went downtown to get a DVD I put on hold at the library and to take my external CD-DVD drive to a friend who is a computer technician to see if she can find out if it is faulty and fix it if she is able.  She teaches computer work and said she will take that to her class for them to use as a project.  I lost the installation CD, which I could not have run anyway because I don’t have any other CD drive.  I found the guide though and I emailed the company that did the software and told them my problem and they emailed me the files.  Tonight I was trying to see how I could email them to my friend.

I did do a little journal writing this morning, which I had been doing regularly but was behind on for four days.  I always feel restless when I miss several days that way.  It is like I have to write to be satisfied with my life.  I know other writers experience that too and I guess that shows I have a passion for it, but I don’t feel passionate about writing.


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