October 10, 2011

Another Missed Day

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Well, I see I missed another day of posting so I guess I will not make the Postaday Challenge.  I spent all day at the Council and got home late and tired.  I did go online to read a few emails and played a few games to wind down before going to sleep, but I forgot all about blogging.  Today I went to the International Film Festival to get two tickets for film.  I won a voucher for them and the summer films they showed at the Cultural Center.  I will go tomorrow and Wednesday to two daytime showings which are only $5.00 tickets, but I don’t want to be coming home from downtown on public transportation real late.  That was why I did not choose to go to one tonight at 7:00 PM which I would have liked to have seen.  It is about the psychologists Jung and Freud and one patient they both became infatuated with.  I will probably be able  to get that from the library one day.

The film I chose to go to on Wednesday is about a clown who was born into a clown family and had always been one but decides to leave the circus and his attempt to find other work.  This is not likely to be shown on television or make the library stock and since I joined the senior clown troupe, I thought it would be fun to see.

I am tagging this as a Postaday in case I do get on the roll again.


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