October 12, 2011

Another Missed Day

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It must not be the right time for me to try the Postaday challenge.  I have missed several days already.  I can start again in November.  It is always easier to begin at the beginning of a month anyway.  Today I went to the International Film Fest again to see the second of the two films I picked out.  This one, The Clown was from Brazil.  It was an interesting insight into a very small circus which travels from one small town to another putting on their shows.  The owner and his son are both clowns, but the young man is not sure he wants to stay a clown.  I won’t say any more about the plot but it was very good.  One young man who seemed to be a film student from Columbia college who sponsored the event was telling his friends that it was the best film he had seen there.

I got back home just in time to put my things down and go across the street to church for the Bible study and choir rehearsal.  The choir is going to be busy this month going with the pastor and his wife to other churches where they have been invited to speak or to just celebrate with the church on their anniversary.


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