April 14, 2010

I’s Never Too Late!

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I said yesterday that I would blog about the "green" program I went to at the senior center in the Cultural Center.  I really did not get a lot out of it other finding about a couple of organizations that offer extensive training on gardening and caring for trees.  If I had enough money to get involved in any and every project that interests me, I probably would buy a plot in a community garden and take a course or two.  I wish I had a back yard to plant things in but I don’t so my "gardening" experience is limited to house plants.  They also touched on recycling and gave information on how to get rebates for purchasing energy efficient appliances.  My appliances came with the apartment, so I don’t have control over that either, unless I wanted to offer to replace the ones I have now and leave them for the next tenant if I move.

Anyway, I did not get writing material out of that and the only writing I did was the blog and my personal journal in the late night, early morning hours.  There are a few thoughts that came out as I did that which I think may be worth expanding on, such as why I was feeling a little depressed.  Two of the possible reasons have to do with my writing experiences.  I finished the draft of my story and am feeling that ‘now what", and I was still anxiously waiting to see my story in Bumples.  I saw that The new issue is finally out this morning, but I did not see my piece in it.  They said it was scheduled for April, but I guess it will be their second April issue.
I have to end this now.  I have an appointment to have my taxes done.  Next year I plan to do them myself if I am not making a good deal of money writing by then.  If I am, I won’t try to do my own.  Anyway, this will be another expense, having it done and owing the IRS and I am low on money now.  Why do expenses all have to come at the worst times?

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