April 6, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I remembered another writing experience I am having now that I did not report.  I have been reviewing books for Children’s Literature.  They send me books, I submit reviews about them and I get to keep the books.  This is a good way for me to keep up with what is being published for children without having to go to the library, which doesn’t have many of these books because some were self published.  It gives me writing practice.  I can use the books as the research part of my ICL assignments and when I am finished I donate the books to Open Books Bookstore.  They sell used books to sponsor literacy program.  So, the books have many uses and help lot of people.

As I said on Easter, I had a sentence or two of an idea for the draft of the book I am working on but I did not write them.  I did write another scene for my story, (as I said it would, one sentence written led to several) yesterday.  To be technical I wrote it today, because it was about 1:00 AM, but since I had not gone to bed yet, to me it was still Monday, April 5.
Writing this blog daily is really helping me move along with the story.  So, for any writer who has the problem I usually have of procrastinating and not writing on a consistent basis, I would suggest you join a writing group, forum, or blog.  Knowing that you need to have something to share every day is a good way to stay on track.  Read other writers blogs too.  I really like the one Kristi Knoll writes.  She has many of the same problems and temptations I have and I have been encouraged by reading what she shares.
There are a surprising number of free web sites, where you can get good writing advice and information, and share your writing.  As I said before the writing community is one that thrives on sharing with one another for pure altruistic motives  How many other professions do that?  Some of the ones I have found especially useful are those listed below:
While the basic membership for all of these is free, if you want more service from them and can afford it, they also provide upgrades for a monthly or annual fee.  I can’t tell you what those are because I do not have the upgrades.  I need to start earning some income first, then those fees could be deducted as a business expense.  

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