April 20, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday I went to the library downtown to hear Terry Savage speak and I talked briefly to a financial advisor after her talk ended.  She gave me some good information, and confirmed to me something I had been thinking of doing.

I was not sure about staying because the focus was to help people plan for their retirement and it is too late for me to do that because I am already retired.  My problem is how do I eliminate the credit card debts I accumulated while I was unemployed without taking all of the money I have out of my bank accounts.  Once I can get rid of these charges I will have sufficient money to keep myself comfortable.
When I got home from the seminar and using the Internet at the library, I did, however, do my personal journal before I went to sleep,  I was disconnected from the Internet because I had used up the time allowed for my monthly service fee and I had an overdue bill, I think.  I had to pay the bill and call AT&T to get the service reconnected this morning.  It is so annoying the way they cut the service while I was using it with no warning.  This morning the person I spoke with to restore the service was very nice, apologized for the inconvenience I was caused and is crediting my account with $25.00.
Now, I am on my way downtown for another financial seminar and tonight there is a Bible study at church.  That may get me worked up enough to stay up late, or early, writing.  I will let you know tomorrow.

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