April 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday, I went to the neighborhood library.  Since they cut hours and did not open until noon, I was waiting outside for them to open.  There was a gentleman there also waiting and we entered into a conversation, which somehow got into the subject of death and I asked if he believed there is a life after death.  He answered that he believed there is a spiritual life after we die and he thinks he believes there is a heaven and hopes to go there.  I began to share my testimony with him.

Late in the evening when I was writing about my experience I was thinking about what I would be sharing with the writing groups today.  I knew I had to write about this incident.  I was for most of my life very hesitant to talk about my beliefs with anyone and yet I had done so very easily with this gentleman.  I realized it was a response to a prayer I had prayed several days ago.  I wanted to be bold in sharing my beliefs and letting people know that I am a Christian,  It is becoming increasing unpopular to do so, and those who are Christians are being persecuted whenever the media can make us look bad. 
I think that we will someday lose our religious freedom here and have to worship underground, as in many other parts of the world.  But, this is God’s way of separating the wheat from the chaff, the pretenders from the genuine believers.  I don’t expect to be alive long enough to face possible martyrdom, but if it comes in my lifetime, I want to be strong enough to go through it.  Those who were martyred in previous centuries were ordinary people, not supermen.  Those are the people we should look up to as heroes, not movie stars, rock stars and politicians.  Our military men, firemen, policeman and others who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of others are the people who should be getting recognized as heroes and not be "unsung".
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