April 9, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday evening I typed up scene 4 of my story, which I had written before I went to bed on Wednesday.  I almost didn’t write that night, but when I began I really got into it.  I didn’t realize how much I had written until I had typed it up.  It is my longest scene so far.  I guess I am creating a pattern here.  I write one night, the next day I type up what I wrote but I do not write anything new for the story.  I may write something else though, if I get an idea from this blogging or my private journal.  

Anyway, on the day I don’t write, what I typed is still fresh in my mind.  I find myself thinking of transitions from that into the next scene.  That transition is all I need to have rather firm in my mind.  Then, when I go to my paper and write it out, the rest of the scene, as writers often say, writes itself.  It is an amazing process I couldn’t begin to explain or understand, but it works and I am glad it does.
Being a Christian with a close connection to God, I believe that He is the one who actually does the writing through His Holy Spirit, so I have no problem understanding how the Bible, although written by humans, could be the inspired Word of God.  I think all writers can look at some of the things they write and think, "Wow, did I say that!  I didn’t even know I felt that way."  Often things that I write in my personal journals will hit me like that.  It will cause a transition in my way of viewing and thinking about things and people.  
That is God at work transforming my mind to become more like His.  I don’t do it myself, He does it.  Often I have seen how things I have thought all my life, which were so deeply embedded it seems there was no possibility of changing, have suddenly shifted, through no effort of mine other than telling God I want to be more like Him.
I know that He is using my writing, as I told Him I wanted Him to do, even if I can’t see a direct evangelical message in the children’s  story.  Something in that story will reflect Him to a reader even if I do not see it, because that is How He works.  

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