April 19, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I’m doing this in two installments because I noticed that I missed a day, but I don’t want to get it more confused by combining two together.  So, when I said yesterday, I was actually talking about two days ago.  

The real yesterday, Sunday, was also a non-writing day.  It doesn’t bother me as much to not write on Sunday because is is supposed to be a day of rest, which is what I did after I got home from church.
I had DVD’s from the library which are due back today and wanted to watch them before I return them so I watched Camille Claudel.  It was a very good movie in French with English subtitles about a sculptress I had never heard of, but her life came to a tragic end.  She was a pupil and lover of Rodin, the famous sculptor.
Later, I watched my favorite TV shows, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters, but the shows don’t hold my attention like they used to and i don’t like some of the themes they are portraying, particularly the gay couple in Brothers and Sisters, but there is a gay couple in Desperate Housewives too and one of the housewives sons is gay.  They have yet to show love making scenes by them yet but in Brothers and Sisters the couple do kiss.  I am really upset at the way these relationships are portrayed as being normal and we are being told we have to not only accept but embrace them.  The Bible very clearly calls such conduct sin and warns that the day will come, and is now here, when sin will be considered good and good treated as sinful.
I am almost to a point of boycotting TV altogether as some Christians do and I have stopped supporting WTTW because they too have been glamorizing the gay lifestyle.  One could say they don’t watch such programming and only watch Christian broadcasts, but the televangelists are not good examples of true Christianity either.  True Christians, as God does, loves the sinner but hates the sin.  We will not bash or treat gays worse than anyone, but we will not condone their behavior and will encourage them to change and try to help them if they are open to being helped.  God did not make people that way, as they claim. While some people may have a tendency to be gay, it is no different than an alcoholic who was born with a weakness for alcohol because his parents were alcoholics and he was seeing that example and being encouraged to practice it.  They can be, not cured, taught ways to control that desire so it does not overcome them.  Gays too have been successfully rehabilitated, when they were open to it.  But the first step is to call sin sin, and as long as we don’t, we will never be able to change.  

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not write again, not counting the blog entry.  After I did that yesterday morning, I went to writing forums and read many poems and articles written by some of my favorites and the time flew by.  Before I realized it I was past due to leave to go to tag for the Children’s Benefit League (specifically Blind Services Association).  I was supposed to take over for someone else at the Wrigley Building at 2 PM.  I was a few minutes late getting there and did not see anyone there collecting.  I finally called the office of the association and they called the tagger who, they found out, had left.  I was asked if I could go to another location, so I came back downtown and stood on State Street

I was outside from a little after 2 to 4:45, and I finally gave up.  It was really cold and I hadn’t taken gloves, so I had to alternate putting one hand in my pocket to warm it up.  When I finished that, my friend called me, and she picked me up.  She likes to drive over to the lake-front to sort out papers in her car.  She brought some leftover pizza and I ate that while she went through her papers and talked about her work.  Then she drove me home.
While I was in her car, I noticed that when I talked I was hearing an echo sound in my head that came and went and she said I sounded congested.  I knew It was from being out in the cold that long.  When I got home, I took two allergy pills, drank chamomile tea and went to bed earlier than usual without spending time writing.  I did feel better in the morning but then it was time to get ready for church.and I did not write again.

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