April 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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The Goodman Theater put our stories together into nice booklets with black and white photos of us and we each got a copy.  I listened to the Chicago Amplified recording two nights ago and I could tell by the sound of my voice that I was nervous when I started, but I became more confident later.  Most of the other readers did not sound nervous at all.

After the Goodman workshop, I saw a notice for a "Zine Fest" at Columbia University.  It was free.  I did not know what a zine was, but they were having poetry workshops.  Since it was free, I went. Never pass up the chance to get free information to help you in your field of interest.  I was rather out of place among the young college crowd and several years ago I would probably have walked out when I saw that, but I don’t now.  One workshop leader asked us to consider an event that happened to us that changed our lives and gave us a few minutes to write about it.  Then, anyone who wanted to was asked to share.  I told about acting in a play, (another thing I liked as a child) and meeting Studs Terkel, who came to one of our performances.  The leader of the workshop said if we wrote our stories and sent them to him, he would make them into a zine.  I sent mine to him, but he is waiting to receive more.
I have registered to read in a Poetry Cram at Poetry Fest later this month at the Harold Washington Library and submitted poems for a book that will be given out there, so I am taking advantage of opportunities to share my writing with as many people as possible now.  This is all new to me.  For many years I was too shy to even talk to strangers.  Now, however, I have rediscovered my real personality, which is a fun loving show off.
I know there are many people who have suppressed their personalities to fit into the expectations of those people around them, parents, teachers, spouses, children, friends, bosses, etc.  If you aren’t being the person who God made you to be, however, you won’t be happy and fulfilled because He won’t be able to use you.  If you have lost touch with yourself and don’t know who you really are, it’s never too late to find out.  Think back to your childhood and what you liked then.  You will find that those interests are still in you, waiting to be brought out.  

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